Send it to your customers

Send the sequence by email after a work/project is done or simply add the sequence's link in your invoices. You can also automatically send sequences to your customers by integrating with Zapier or by using our WebHook.

InputKit start sequence

InputKit quick survey with NPS

Quick survey

Take your customers' pulse and make sure they are happy. Identify your Promoters/Passives/Detractors on the NPS scale. If a customer is not happy, you receive an email and the sequence stops. (You obviously do not want to ask online reviews and referrals from a dissatisfied customer)

Ask for reviews

Ask happy customers to leave reviews on Google, Facebook or any other review site you want! Having lots of good reviews creates social proof that will increase your prospects conversions and will improve your search rankings which leads to a greater exposure for your company!

InputKit reviews

InputKit cross-sell


Offer additional services to your current customers! It educates them on what you offer and increases sales per customer. Unless you explicitly educate your customers on all the services/products you offer, you can’t just assume they know.

Ask for referrals

Ask your happy customers if they know anyone who could use your help. 

83% of consumers are willing to refer after a positive experience—yet only 29% actually do.

InputKit referrals

Analyse with reports

InputKit then presents your results in nice and easy to understand graphs. You even have the option to filter the results by employee. This is a great way to really know if they do a great job. You can also generate PDF reports if you want to share the results and feedback with your team.

Keep your customers happy and grow your business with InputKit

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