Send it to your customers by email or with URL

Ask customers by email or simply use the URL in your invoices, on your website and on printed cards.

45% response rate by email

Quick satisfaction survey

Easily get honest feedback from your customers and prospects.

Identify your unhappy customers before they leave without saying a word.

On average, companies discover that 6.3% of their customers are unhappy.

Ask happy customers for reviews

If the customer is happy (based on its feedback), you ask for an online review on any review site. InputKit detects on which review sites the customer is already logged in and automatically move them up in the list while making them stand out. On average, our users get +381% more reviews than before using InputKit. *Integrates with any review sites, even specific ones to your business.

Cross-sell your happy customers

Automatically offer additional products/services to your existing happy customers. On average, 14% of customers are interested in at least one additional product/service!

Analyse with reports

InputKit then presents your results in nice and easy to understand graphs. You even have the option to filter the results by employee. This is a great way to really know if they do a great job. You can also generate PDF reports if you want to share the results and feedback with your team.

1000+ integrations

5 stars customer support

Receive free advice from our experts to maximize your results. We respond in less than 2 minutes via our chat tool. Our service is in French and English.

Get customer feedback and reviews in minutes