Automate sending a follow-up sequence after a specific meeting ends in Outlook or Google calendar


This automation is interesting when you have events in your calendar that represent a specific customer touchpoint. For example:

  • A final meeting to conclude a project
  • A customer visit to perform a service
  • Billing a project / work done
  • Training for a client
  • A customer visit to your office to get a service


In this case, it would be interesting to follow InputKit with the client, 1 hour after the end of the event for example.

Thanks to this new integration, it is now possible. To put this in place, it’s pretty simple. Feel free to contact me if you have questions or need help to do so.

First, you need to decide, internally, on a unique code that you will use to differentiate these events from others. In other words, to identify the specific events that should trigger the sending of the follow-up by email. An example of a good code is: (iii)


For example, the event could be named:

Final Client Visit Paul Tremblay (iii)

Next, it is important that the event contain the client’s email and, ideally, his name. To allow the robot to identify the name, it is advisable to put it between double parentheses: ((Paul Tremblay))

As for the rest, I invite you to read our detailed guide which explains, step by step, how to put in place automation: http: // outlook-calendar.


This integration is identical to that with Outlook. This automation applies only if you use Google Calendar.

To implement this integration, it is exactly the same principle as with Outlook. I invite you to read our detailed guide that explains, step by step, how to set up automation: http: // -up-sequence-after-a-specific-rally-ends-in-google-calendar.