A new feature to prevent unwanted emails to customers

This new feature solves a problem almost all our users have 🙌

Here’s what’s going on👇

You set up an integration to automate the sendings to your customers, which is great.

However, the trigger event (which tells InputKit to send a sequence by email) you chose from your CRM (or other tools) is not 100% reliable. That same event could be triggered multiple times in a short period of time which would cause some customers to receive too many emails.

You need a way to prevent that.

That’s exactly what we did. You now have an option in your company settings (https://app.inputkit.io/#/settings/company) where you can fix the minimum interval between two sendings to the same customer. (See image attached)

This setting affects every bulk and automated sendings (Zapier, Webhook, CSV import, Copy/Paste import). In other words, it affects every sendings except the ones do manually 1 by 1.